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About me


I am an industrial designer with many years of experience in various design fields. I started my career as a 3D designer, and I was involved in product design and space design. After several years as an exhibition designer at the Israel Museum, I realized that my greatest love lies in two-dimensional design. This is how I came to the world of graphics and visual communication and founded, about a decade ago, a boutique design studio.

The Yoji Design studio specializes in providing targeted, customized design solutions, such as branding, graphic design, building websites, landing pages, designing presentations and training books, products for workshops and therapeutic products.

All projects at the Yoji Design studio are handled with sensitivity and dedication, with absolute care for thoroughness, professionalism and finding creative solutions that perfectly match the client's characteristics and needs.

I am excited every time to be there for you when your business takes shape and becomes real. I will continue to accompany you faithfully and pay close attention to your needs as your business grows and develops.

interior design

You may have an exhibition planned where you want to showcase your business. You may have a home or office that you want to design and renovate.

As an industrial designer, I am involved in interior design for both residences and exhibitions.

I provide space planning and design services that include the preparation of drawings and supervision of the construction, all within the framework of a budget and predefined schedules.

The service I provide also includes the selection of materials, furniture and textiles. If necessary, it is possible to build showcases or furniture.

Together we will plan a fully equipped kitchen for your convenience as well as modern bathrooms according to your personal needs.

web design

You already have established branding for your business, you know what your differentiation is and you have a logo. Now you need a website or materials for marketing in networks

You have reached the stage where you want a digital presence. It's time to be exposed to the world and give yourself a website, were you can present yourself and your work. It can be a content site, where you can expand on your services, upload articles or publish a blog.

In an introductory meeting I will show you the various options and we will choose the structure that suits your needs and budget.

I can build and design a landing page for you that will provide the information for those wishing to register. I can design a post for you for the various social networks. You can also choose a digital ad that includes a video or animation.


You have just now established your business and you are in the stages of building and realizing your dream. Now you need a Business Branding,  a Logo and Promotional Products.

You want to brand yourself, define who you are and what you do and above all how you are different from others.

Together we will go through a process, at the end of which I will create a logo for you as well as the design language that will accompany the business from today on. A language that will convey and reflect the story and essence of your business, and a logo that will turn your business from a generic business into a memorable and serious brand.

Later you will be able to choose from a variety of printed products that I will design for you to promote your business: business card, flyer or brochure, stickers,  or a branded notebook.

web design portfolio
Web Design
branding portfolio

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Dorit Baron

Monferrato, Italy

+39 3479013238

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